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CasaOS or Umbrell on Hotspot


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Hey everyone,

After paying twice the curent price half a year ago I finaly got my three miners. 

As I've got the Rockchip version with USB C, I wondert if it could be used as homeserver as well.  By adding a USB C Hub with SSD or HDD and a Zigbee stick, the overhead left while mining could still be sufficient to be used for other Software like Home Assistant, Nextcloud, Pi Hole and others.

The HDMI could be used as Audio output or with Kodi.

Selfhoasting becomes more popular then ever but can still be complicated.

The tow mentioned in the title are verry user friendly and can be instaled with curl on Debian and make use of docker. I don't know if you can use them side by side, or if it would be nesesary to fork the Projects and adapt them.

If that would become a supportend feature, setting up your miner could be a good experiance again.

What do you Think?



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