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Pending Actions



Dear all,

I get two pending actions in my wallet. 

-Hotspot Added to Blockchain

-Update Hotspot

What is the meaning of this messages and what is the meaning of the values (DC)? Do I have something to do? 

I'm right that I didn't earn HTN until this is gone? How long will it take to get running?


Best Regards






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These transactions happen when you first register/onboard your Hotspot to a Helium wallet. Your Hotspot details (i.e. animal name, onboarding key, location, etc.) will need to be added to block Helium blockchain in order for your Hotspot to participate in Proof of Coverage.

The first location assertion and onboarding fee is covered by Linxdot. But any attempts to update your location again, you will need to have sufficient HNT funds in your wallet (~$10), and updating antenna gain/height also requires you to burn a certain amount of data credits (DC).

The status is pending because it takes a while (10-30min) for the blockchain to process this. The aforementioned Hotspot details are submitted to the blockchain and Validators will need to sync to that specific block you submitted the transaction. 

You can visit the explorer.helium.com page and search your Hotspot's name and can monitor the progress on this.

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