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New Zealand / Australia Freq plan.....

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Ummm...  so one of my decisions to buy a linxdot unit was the number of them being used in Australia & NZ which share the same freq plan.   In fact I ordered it with the Aus freq plan & this all disappeared when one of the May  updates got pushed through & some reverted to USA freq    I came across this gem in the helium boards saying linxdox wasn't supporting this correct freq plan update as it wasn't selling into the region. WTF ?? 

Reposted below


Regional Frequency Plan update:  🇧🇷  🇳🇿
On April 14th, Helium Foundation announced an upcoming change which allows for the addition of the following configuration files:
AS923_1C, AU915_SB1 & AU915_SB2.

    *AU915_SB1 is for configuring AU915 to sub-band 1 - channels 1 to 8
    *AU915_SB2 is for configuring AU915 to sub-band 2 - channels 9 to 16
    *AS923_1C is for configuring a 30 dBm power increase

Out of the makers selling into these regions, several have not yet completed the update.

Makers must complete the firmware update for the configuration files to work.

The Foundation has made the decision to wait to update until makers have had the chance to catch up.

Complete status of makers here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jw6Mk69g3ZL7QlC5Tq1vi4UYAvEE2AmbmGLh_HCuLxE/edit?usp=sharing

REgional RF Update.jpg

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And this is what I ordered from a NZ website and the original software did show AU915 as the region but I don't have a snapshot of that....... interestingly US915 region has disappeared with the current (latest update)

AU915 ordered .png


US915 Version earlier update.jpg

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