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No LINXDOT onboards available ?

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So this is currently where I am stuck - some very helpful checks from the NZ Helium board.    Looks like LINXDOT has no onboard credits 

One of the users donated me some SOL to see if I could get past things but it looks like the hotspot has sort of joined, even though I can't see it in my app as a hotspot.  (it says I have no hotspots & if I go through the process of trying to reregister my hotspot it just shows it as a name with no details on the Linxdot app on the Iphone - jpeg called "if I try to onboard again"

The difference now in the Helium Wallet the Pic does show  the "claim rewards & pending rewards etc" which it didn't before.

However no one can see my hotspot  at this stage.

unit in helium.jpeg



Hel 3.jpeg

If I try to onboard again.jpeg

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