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Hotspot is not location asserted

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wahoo - now able to register, but now new error  - Hotspot is not location asserted.

On latest iOS version etc  - you can almost move the map to NZ to change location but the app crashes most of the time.

When I do get to the location in New Zealand and push the update - nothing happens. 

I did see one error = There was an error when constructing the Asset location transaction - please try again.

Firmware versionLinxdot 1.2.26 r17752-8c4a79dd5

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Ios App showing ver 2.0.1 FX Technology  (deleted several times & reloaded just to make sure current ver)

Location seems to default to the US of A

Pics of steps - basically gets to the last one, you can hit confirm till the cows come home and nothing happens  (the button does flash when you push it)  if you hit cancel nothing happens, it's basically quit the app, grit teeth and try again.

Phone is on iOS 16.4.1 (a)










9 - fhen locks up.jpeg

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So it was for me as well with 1.2.26. But I just pressed "add hotspot" and choose for my linxdot again. Then I could choose my own location (fee prepaid accoording to the app) and could go on. But since yesterday I have "transacion pending". 


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So today I powered the whole thing off,  opened up the app & it said I had no hotspots!

So went through everything & it all worked .....went right through to creating transaction , opened my Helium Wallet & displayed the hotspot info and asked Add Hotspot to Blockchain? (yup!)  Then went to Transaction pending, this can take a few moments so feel free to close the screen"      then opened my Helium Wallet and under my activity details it said "Transaction failed"

view on explore -  which then detailed a Program Error "Instruction #1 failed"

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Actually if I look in the Helium Wallet  (2.0.7) on Iphone  I get a green tick for App Integration followed by the transaction failed error.  "Program Error Instruction 1 failed"

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