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Cannot Register / On Board

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So, I'm in New Zealand and have had the LD-1001 turned on for about three weeks and despite trying every couple of days no luck what so ever.

It did update from it's original firmware version of v1.1.5.-r17654-a27d04e542  / gateway-v1.0.0 and on it's current version of  Linxdot 1.2.24 r17742-ff543aa48 / gateway gateway-v1.0.2

I saw the post from Linxdot on discord about onboarding issue and sent a support ticket  on 25th April  ticket ID (41556)  and have had no reply back, but I'm also not sure if I have one or two issues when I spotted on the helium channel  about issues with Hotspot onboarding .

What is the current gateway version is suppose to be showing currently ?       All LED's look normal, an animal name is showing but the latest IoS App on phone shows no registered hotspots. (I also have latest apple helium wallet which has updated overnight too) 


Any chance one of you LINXDOT fella's can check on that ticket if I don't have the fix applied, cheers!


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Some light at the end of the tunnel tonight ......... So now on ver Linxdot 1.2.26 r17752-8c4a79dd5   and I have managed to onboard tonight.

The error I have now on my iOS Too  is Hotspot is not location asserted & the app Crashes if I try to put in New Zealand  or if you try to use the screen to find new zealand....

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