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Linxdot a Scam ???


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Hi there,

I read that many people have problems with linxdot regarding delivery and refunds.

Also i have this problem with them, I ordered my linxdot in Juli 2022 and it said right then it is in stock and it will be shipped within 5 days after payment.

Until now i did not receive anything. I tried to cancel the order but they simply say that it is a pre order and it cannot be cancelled. How can this

be a pre order if they stated on their website that thay have them in stock and can deliver them within 5 days.

I do not trust this company, they take money from people but do not deliver.

Hopefully many people will read this and decide to NOT order from this company.

This is the message that i received after i wanted to cancel my order, I think it is a disgrace how they treat people.


Sorry to hear that you want to cancel your order.
Due to the nature of this product and it's special "pre-order" status, we are not able to issue refunds once the pre-order has been placed. Makers are also required to burn a certain amount of $HNT per hotspot in order for it to be onboarded to the blockchain - that is non-refundable to makers.
When the package is on it’s way to you, please co-operate with Fedex to get the product delivered in case they need any information from you - customs may occasionally hold your package and request information about the shipment. Unclaimed packages will be returned to us, and they will need to be reshipped once a re-shipping fee (approx. £30) is paid. We are not able to issue refunds for orders that are returned back to us.
We apologise for any inconvenience this might be causing you.

Kind regards,
David "


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i made a purchase in november last year and have not received either the product or the money. I have insisted on my right to cancel and 
have already informed a lawyer.

The thing is, as the seat is in the UK, you will have to go by UK law.

Lawyers in the UK are overpriced and the only way to do that would be through a class action lawsuit if you can't get your money or product back.


that's what the people at linxdot told me.


As you may have been notified previously, we're experiencing an issue with our online payments provider. Initially refunds were meant to take ~1 month, however, due to an increased sum of refunds over the past few months, they now take anything up to 5 months to clear.

The amount we've said was refunded to you will most definitely get back to you, but it will take up to 5 months. We understand this is far from ideal. On behalf of our payments provider, we apologise for the delay.

Alternatively, we can re-ship your order to you (free of charge). Please confirm how you wish to proceed. 


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