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refund not coming


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I am waiting for a refund for three months now, having the excuse of difficulties with the payment provider. 

I have been told that they don't know when the refund will be processed. What is this? 

Is anyone facing this?

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Hello! My prepayment(798 GBP) of order no. 116267 dated October 29, 2021

I am reassured that Shipping method: Late-January, 2022 via UPS, Fedex, DHL

13 Jun 2022 I was informed - ""Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, our courier does not ship""

I requested a refund

They answered me:



Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, our inbox is incredibly busy at the moment and it is taking us longer than usual to respond to emails. Whilst we are unable to provide you with an exact date for your refund to arrive, we can guarantee that you will receive your refund. We know that this situation is far from ideal, and can only apologise again for these delays as well as any inconvenience this may be causing you. A further update will be provided once we have more information for you. We really appreciate your continued patience while we work to resolve this

Kind regards,


Does this mean that I have to wait another year for the return of the prepayment?

Who can tell me the exact date of the refund?

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