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Hi, I set up my Linxdot left for 28hours and have the same issue.... it just will not add hotspot location, it all looks synced. I am going to see if i can port forward my router and then leav the hotspot updating for 48 hours at least...

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Hi james,

...Initially on plugging in my Linxdot and  logged into it's web page on my lock network (192.168.x.xx  / what ever your DHCP has assigned to it on ethernet or wifi!, best to go cable Ethernet) Via Ethernet, (Rockchip version) the main page did initially show block chain heigh and width which were in the 10's of thousands but did not match exactly.

Having left my hotspot  on for another 24hrs, then logging back into the linxdot web page the graphic showing blockchain height/width had totally vanished!

I also set my router to a static IP for my Linxdot then opened all the recommended ports (port forwarding) to it.

rebooted all...

Then it did finally connect to the network!! yay... 

one thing I was oblivious too (silly mistake..) was to during registration the helium app brings up a connection page to the hotspot, but shows local available wifi (I DID NOT SEE THE "USE ETHERNET" button at the bottom of this page... doh! then added my home wifi to the App.. DOH!!! it was late... plus this is what you do in google home to connect to speakers... lol....

So... I logged into the Lindox web page where there is a handy "Forget WIFI" button, hit that then after a reboot it reports its only connected on ethernet (in the stats bottom of main page).

Then I re ran the Helium app on my phone and hit "USE ETHERNET" button on the connection page (don't confuse with Bluetooth you still need to pair to that....).

Plus i skipped location /antenna set up, and half an hour later it was on the blockchain ...few!! next day i did the location but antenna will not update.... i will keep trying.

As with all this it takes hours days to get to the next step..


All the best Sir!!!


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