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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I live in EU and I recently purchased 5 Linxdot units. 2 were from batch 6 having model number LD1001 and and these other 3 are from another batch having model number LD1002. The 1001 models ran perfectly and synced in 2 days. They had been going through some relayed statuses throughout those 3 days but after that they synced and are still running as we speak. Can't say the same for the latter models 1002 since all three of them came with onboarding issues which can be fixed only when and if Linxdot support will ever care in the near future and respond to emails after spending 1.2k on their faulty Hotspots. Mainly when you try to add your Hotspot in the Linxdot or Helium app(tried both several times) after booting for a min. a message pops on the screen saying: "Hotspot not found on onboarding server. Unable to add Hotspot. Please contact your hotpot manufacturer." So I tried all 3 of them at my house and at a friend's house aswell. Firstly they boot up normally, but right after 1 min when that's done, the only leds that stay lit or blink are the first green one and the first red one (BT-led), whilist the 2nd red led which monitors the LoRAFi connection is dead after booting and never comes back on even after 24h. This happens with or without ethernet connection to the Hotspot. I will mention that I tried and it's impossible to connect them to wifi since it won't get passed the networks login screen with Helium Hotspot Utility(the only one that allows you to connect to your Hotspot before setting it up in Helium or Linxdot app). I have connected the Hotspot via lan cable and reserved it's IP so I can try to access it via browser IP, but with no luck accessing the dashboard in order to reset it failed aswell. Wish they had made a phisical reset button as I suspect some faulty firmware to be the culprit and its unable to update itself for some reason. If anyone's has any kind of experience with this matter or knows how to solve this, please share your insights, it's becoming frustrating and linxdot doesn't seem to eager to respond. Some ppl say it worked after they unplugged and tried again several times, I did too but it didn't work and I tried with 3 different hotspots from the same batch, 3 days in a row. #linxdotsupport #techsupport #onboardingissues
  2. I've set up a few linxdots before with no issues but this one is having an "onboarding error" after I try to link it via bluetooth (see images). Any assistance would be appreciated. I have bought 6 units, no issues on the first couple. Jaycob Your ticket ID (35886) SN LD1NTV05049210 MAC: 0C8629E079E9
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